Value-Added Benefits Of Sub-micron Thermal Imaging With Ultra-fast Transient Response.

  • Thermal Characterization & Thermal Profiling
  • Time-Dependent Thermal Analysis
  • Flip Chip Thermal Analysis
  • Hot Spot Detection & Failure Analysis
  • Transient Thermal Characterization
  • Thermal Design Characterization

Key Features & Benefits

  • Spatial resolution to 290 nm 
  • Time resolution to <800 ps
  • Nano-sec to pico-sec transient analysis for ultra-fast switching devices & circuits
  • Temperature resolution to 0.1 °C
  •  thru-the-substrate imaging
  • Short circuits
  • Oxide defects
  • Junction defects
  • High resistance vias
  • Processing defects, etc.

The future of thermal imaging for fault-localization

Microsanj is a leading provider of high-resolution transient thermal imaging solutions & services for commercial and research applications. The systems are based on optical thermoreflectance characterization, digital signal processing, and advanced software algorithms to support: electronic and optoelectronic components measurement, thermal design validation of ICs, defects, and failure analysis.

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